Manufacturer and Logistics

Background / Problem

Tracking stock levels and delivery statistics was a time consuming process, prone to manual error or oversight of impending issues


We were able to create an interactive dashboard which pulled data from multiple sources across their network, showing them up to date information regarding stock levels and delivery statistics, as well as showing them the patterns over time, allowing them to resolve existing problems and avoid future ones. Warnings and alerts gave instant indications of time critical issues, ensuring that extra stock could be delivered where it was needed.

This dashboard helped the company retain contracts with vendors, by improving their customer service and reducing shortages to almost zero. This freed up the time of one FTE to focus on resolving the problems, rather than finding them. In addition to the original brief, this tool became essential in reducing the product wastage from 4% to 0.5%, offering a massive financial benefit to the company.

in summary

FTEs saved


Wastage Reduction