Government Department

Background / Problem

This large governmental department had started building a data model in Excel. They’d hoped to use it to forecast spending across various teams, but found that given the size and complexity of the project, their model had become unwieldy and slow, to the point of regularly crashing.


We were able to migrate this into a system that could scale to be larger and more flexible than initially imagined, which allowed for us to add the ability to compare various future scenarios with multiple levels of scaling. Teams could be added, removed or scaled up or down, as well as the scaling of new or existing services provided across multiple teams without adversely affecting their contribution to other areas. Visual comparisons of accurate forecasts could be made of these selections, with the budgets being affected summing to over £500 million. 

Having this information readily to hand enable this government department to make quick, fact lead decisions, knowing what the impact of these decisions would be.

in summary



Accurate future planning


Visually appealing interactive tool