We provide a range of data and dashboard services and can customise our service to your exact requirements.


Visualising your data can be an invaluable tool. Good dashboards enable you to see the key information at a glance, drilling down to more detail and turning the data you hold into real information.

  • Hosted
  • Interactive
  • Automated

Bringing this information to the fingertips of the right people allows you to make data-driven, smart decisions that have a real impact.

Data Management / Consulting

Providing resource or direction regarding your data processes across the whole data lifecycle, we can help improve your data usage and enable you to extract more value from your existing data.

  • Remote
  • On site
  • Managed

Storing your data correctly can not only protect you from GDPR issues, but also enable you to generate analysis easily, adding value to make a difference.

Data Tools and Workflow automation graphic image

Data Tools / Workflow Automation

From something small; automating a repetitive task, to something large; an end to end managed solution, automating the steps involved can save time and money, as well as removing the human error, thereby improving the overall process.

  • Flexible
  • Bespoke
  • Scalable

Working with you, we can create the precise tools for your needs, letting you focus on the rest of your business

If nothing above fits your exact needs, get in touch today to talk about our bespoke options