Banking Controls Automation

Background / Problem

As a major high street, international bank, this client has an ever-increasing number of checks it is legally required to do to make sure that it is performing in its customers’ interest and in line with its own terms and conditions. Manually keeping track of these checks had become cumbersome and slow as well as containing the potential for human error.


We created a dashboard which pulled data from numerous sources which, at a glance, gave the team the ability to see which tests needed attention and where possible issues lie.

Clickable elements within charts enable drill-down functionality to quickly access details of selected checks, as well as performance over time with alert triggers for performance changes.

This dashboard was built to be easily scalable, so new tests could be added quickly and old ones removed once they were no longer necessary. Scaling in this manner would allow for a large increase in checks without any need for an increase in headcount.

The checks and processes performed here account for the work of what was at the time, roughly four FTEs, whilst automatically scaling without the need to increase FTE count., whilst also forming a key part of control over GDPR and brand protection, as any mistakes can be caught quickly and resolved before they become problems.

in summary

FTE Cost Saved


Time to add check


Checks Automated


Additional checks required in next year